A good swimming teacher is not easy to find, especially if you’re looking for someone with a flexible schedule who can work with you in your home. A private swimming teacher in London offers several benefits for everyone who wants to try a new kind of activity that moves every muscle in the body and makes them feel refreshed and energised as well. So what are the qualities of a private swimming teacher?

Qualities of a private swimming teacher

When you’re looking for someone to hire, keep in mind some of the most important qualities that he or she needs to have:

1. Qualifications

A good private swimming teacher in London means that he is fully qualified and insured, always ready to intervene when necessary. Adam from Going Swimmingly London is a qualified life saver as well, meaning that he can work without a lifeguard, thus assuring his students’ safety under all circumstances. A professional and experienced coach can offer personalised swim classes for:

– babies and toddlers

– children and juniors

– adults

– the elderly

If you’re looking to hire someone to teach you the basics of swimming or you’re an intermediate/advanced swimmer but need further guidance, always look for a qualified teacher, even if it will cost you a bit more than attending a group class in a public pool. Apart from confidence, a private teacher has additional benefits that will make your life easier, such as a flexible schedule and a tailored swimming plan.

3 Important Qualities of a Private Swimming Teacher

2. Passion for the job

Just imagine that a swimming teacher is working with people of different ages and abilities. Things can be challenging from time to time, especially if we’re talking about one-to-one swim lessons for children. It is important to raise their interest from the very beginning, and then keep them occupied while in the water. If they get bored, their enthusiasm drops and it will be hard for them to concentrate.

An experienced private swimming teacher in London knows how to keep the classes interesting for children, and teaches with passion when it comes to adults or the elderly as well. If you don’t do it with passion, chances are that both the student and the teacher will face various challenges and the progress will take more time.

3. A good motivator

We’ve all been there: we don’t succeed with something on the first try and we lose interest and motivation. The same happens during a swimming lesson, too. Many people tend to become demoralised once they don’t evolve as fast as they expected.

Summary of “qualities of a private swimming teacher”

This is when a really good private swimming teacher in London comes in handy: he or she knows not only how to be a good trainer, but a good motivator as well. It is important to know how to approach your students, regardless of their age.

Children often get scared underwater, and that is why some pep talk from the coach can help a great deal. Also, adults with fear of water sometimes think about giving up, but a professional swim teacher will know what the best approach is to make them feel safe, keep them enthusiastic, and keep them going.

Are you thinking about starting a swim class with a professional instructor? You don’t have much free time and swimming in your own pool would be a great help? Then do not hesitate to contact Going Swimmingly London and talk about the details! Swimming has several benefits and it is considered one of the best activities for every age group. All you have to do is prepare your swimming kit, get in touch with your teacher and keep working on your swimming techniques.