Private Swimming Teacher and Coach in South West London

Adam is a patient, talented and hardworking private swimming teacher and swimming coach, who has exceptional interpersonal skills, as well as the ability to work with disabled people. He is focused on self-improvement, making full use of professional development opportunities by applying new methods and ideas to his teaching and coaching. Adam is a quick learner, who can find suitable solutions to meet the needs of clients. In the past few years, he has practised numerous teaching styles, perfecting his technique in London, using a hands-on approach to get the best results.

Adam’s mission as a private swimming teacher

Adam’s philosophy is simple and yet a great one: keep the lessons fun, interesting and interactive in a professional and safe environment. He believes that swimming is an essential life skill and with the right guidance you will learn to respect, love and be at ease in the water.

Adam’s vision as a private swimming teacher

Adam keeps an eye out for new developments of the world of swimming. Since swimming constantly evolves, developing new and efficient teaching techniques, as well as being up-to-date with the latest findings, is critical to his success.

Benefits of hiring a private swimming teacher in London

Choosing a private swimming teacher, especially one as experienced and dedicated as Adam, brings about a plethora of benefits. Unlike group sessions, with a private swimming teacher, the lessons are tailored to your specific needs and pace. You receive undivided attention, ensuring any mistakes are corrected immediately, leading to faster progress. Furthermore, Adam’s vast experience means he can adapt his techniques for all ages and skill levels.

Benefits of hiring a private swimming teacher in London

Why south west London prefers Adam as their private swimming teacher

The reputation of a private swimming teacher is built not just on their skill but on their ability to connect and resonate with students. Adam, having taught in South West London for years, has garnered the trust and respect of the community. His genuine passion for swimming and teaching shines through in every lesson. Parents and adults alike praise his intuitive teaching style and his knack for making even the most apprehensive swimmers feel comfortable in the water. By choosing Adam as your private swimming teacher, you’re investing in a holistic approach to swimming, where the focus is not just on technique but on building a lasting relationship with the water.

Why choose us?

Many years of experience

Ever since he was little, Adam was interested in swimming and learning how to swim. Nevertheless, his swimming tuition journey only began when he was working as a manny (male nanny) for 3 years in the UK. He enjoyed conducting different sport activities (swimming/football/tennis) with the kids. After that, he started working as a swimming teacher at the Harbour Club Chelsea and Notting Hill, and has private clients mainly in South West London.

Fully qualified

Adam is a fully qualified and insured swimming teacher and coach, who can deliver sessions to babies, toddlers, children and adults of all ages and abilities.

Passion for teaching swimming

Adam is very passionate about what he is doing. He believes that his job is very rewarding, and he always wants to see and be there for his clients when they achieve their goals.

Personal trainer who also offers sports activities

Apart from this, Adam is also a great personal trainer. He can create personalised fitness programs for his clients that can help them to achieve their fitness goals and stay motivated. He acts as a great source of encouragement for all his clients. His experience as a personal trainer has allowed him to develop an in-depth understanding of body conditioning. As a result, he can help you to drastically improve your fitness levels through his one to one sessions and specific workout plans.

Get Results

Adam wants to embark on a journey where he can help people to improve their fitness and wellbeing in a safe manner. Adam wants to equip people with all the knowledge that he has gained, over all these years, so that people can workout more effectively and produce better results.


Needless to say, Adam is passionate about keeping himself and others fit. He greatly stressed the importance of fitness. Through his personal training sessions, he envisions an environment where people are equally motivated to and focused around their fitness as he is.

About Adam Going swimmingly London

Finding a personal trainer

In the world of fitness and health, finding a personal trainer who understands the unique needs of each individual can be challenging. However, those who’ve trained with Adam know that his approach goes beyond just counting reps. With a diverse range of sports activities under his belt, he ensures a holistic development of physical health for his clients.

Difference between a  gym instructor and a proficient personal trainer

Furthermore, the difference between a  gym instructor and a proficient personal trainer becomes evident when you train with Adam. Not only does he focus on the form and technique of exercises, but he also dives deep into the science behind fitness, thanks to his tenure as a personal trainer. This deep-rooted knowledge, combined with his passion, means that every session with him isn’t just a workout; it’s an education. He believes that the more his clients understand about their bodies, the more committed they become to their fitness journey. His motto as a personal trainer has always been, “Educate, inspire, and transform.”

Advantage of integrating sports activities

The added advantage of integrating sports activities into his training regimen ensures that monotony is kept at bay. For Adam, being a personal trainer is not just about weight lifting or treadmill runs. It’s about exploring varied avenues of fitness, from soccer drills to basketball shootouts, making every session exciting and challenging.

In conclusion, when you think of a personal trainer with a comprehensive approach to fitness and well-being, Adam’s name undoubtedly stands out. With his blend of traditional workouts and sports activities, he offers a unique and effective way to achieve optimal health. If you’ve been on the hunt for a personal trainer who ticks all the boxes, then look no further. Adam is your go-to expert.


Adam has got the following qualifications: ASA L2 certificate in teaching aquatics, ASA L2 award in coaching aquatic pre fundamentals (this qualifies him to teach babies from 3 months old), ASA L1 award in coaching swimming, L1 award in coaching tennis, L2 certificate in GYM instruction, L3 certificate in personal training and Optimum performance training certification NASM

TRX Suspension Qualification

The TRX Suspension training program is one of the most revolutionized workout routines that allow individuals to develop core strength and balance using body weights and gravity. Adam is a TRX qualified fitness instructor. He completely understands the intricacies of total resistance training and would assist you so that you can learn the best technique and achieve your fitness goals.

Additional Qualifications

Adam is a quick learner and is focused towards providing his clients with the latest techniques. Therefore, he has enrolled in a number of additional qualifications that include, Nutrition Coach, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Performance Enhancement Specialist, Behaviour Change Specialist, Weight Loss Specialist

“Adam is a marvellous teacher, very skilled and an excellent communicator with kids. My daughter started being very scared in the pool and now (she is only 3 years old) jumps into the pool with a panache that only Adam could induce. Many thanks Adam for such a wonderful experience. Highly recommended.”

Jim S.

“Adam is a great sports coach. We had private classes for my 5 years old boy to improve his agility, speed and ball control and I can say Adam did an amazing job. My child had grown to enjoy the sports session and was looking forward to them. Even after a couple of session Julien also noticed the difference in his strength. Strongly recommend.”

Yana A.