Swimming and PT Videos

If you are passionate about swimming and want to learn all the techniques and tips that would help you to swim better than you have come to the right place. This page and youtube channel is specially designed to provide you with videos structured around swimming and increasing your fitness levels. At Going Swimmingly London, our goal is to educate our audience to the best possible level so that they can improve their swimming.

Visual learning is considered to be one of the most beneficial and effective ways to convey knowledge. It not only allows you to learn better but also ensures that you retain the information. Our videos are aimed at providing you with a visual aid of how things go around the swimming pool and ways in which you can increase your fitness level and become a better swimmer.

The videos on our channel can be divided into three categories, informational videos where we talk about swimming and fitness in general, product reviews where we review various swimming products and pools and last but not the least, personal training videos where we talk about various workout routines. Other than this, our channel would also feature some vlogs from time to time that would be based around the lifestyle and diet as no workout is good without a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle.

As of now, we are also running a giveaway on our Youtube channel. In order to participate in this giveaway, all you have to do is subscribe to the channel and send us a screenshot of it. The winner of this giveaway would be given the opportunity to buy their favourite swimming equipment and Going Swimmingly London would pay for it. So, Hurry Up! What are you waiting for? Go and subscribe!

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