People often run away from weight loss programs as they involve hardcore exercises and stringent diet routines. Weight loss programs are also becoming unpopular because they require a lot of time, effort, and dedication. But what if there was a better way to lose fat and gain muscles?

Lose fat and gain muscles

When people think of weight loss they usually think of renewing their years’ old gym membership but you can obtain the same, if not better results from swimming.¬† ¬†Swimming is great for burning all the extra calories you intake during the day and it helps you to gain muscles as well. Not only is it easier and more effective but you also enjoy the process.

A good swim session would not only improve your physical health but also improve your mental health as it helps to reduce stress and release endorphins in your body. Moreover, it is a great way to counter the heat during the summer season. Follow the tips mentioned below to lose fat and gain muscles through swimming and improve your body conditioning.

How to lose and gain muscles from swimming

Swimming in the morning to lose fat and gain muscles

Swimming in the morning before eating anything can help you to burn a great number of calories at the start of the day. The basic idea behind weight loss is to operate on a calorie deficit. Swimming while fasting can help you to start your day with a calorie deficit so that anything you consume has minimal effect on your body. Moreover, the adrenaline and endorphin rush would provide you with enough energy to get all tasks done throughout the day without feeling tired. Since swimming is a full-body workout that relies majorly on your cardiovascular system, a morning swim would also ensure that oxygen and other nutrients travel through your body and all your muscles are stretched out.

Swim harder, Swim faster to lose fat and gain muscles

Did you know that you can burn more calories through swimming when compared to running? Running 30 minutes at a pace of 6.5 miles per hour for thirty minutes is equivalent to a 30 minutes swim, minus all that sweat and joint pains. Swimming helps you to consume calories at a greater rate than other exercises. So, swim harder and faster so that you can burn as many calories as possible. As a beginner, you would burn greater calories but as your technique improves, you will become more efficient and the calorie count might reduce. Hence, there is only one way to do it, go hard and go heavy.

Swim regularly to lose fat and gain muscles

Just like any other workout plan, consistency is the key. You need to swim regularly in order to obtain the best results from it. The more active you are throughout the week, the more calories you’ve burned. Swimming four to five times a week is the best routine to have but you can increase or decrease the number, as per the schedule of your week. However, make sure that you do not skip any of your planned sessions as per your weekly swimming routine.

Take Private Swimming Sessions

Taking private swimming lessons or hiring a personal trainer can help you to achieve your fitness goals. A swimming trainer is beneficial in numerous ways. Adult swimming lessons in London would allow you to learn the best techniques, improve your form, and remain motivated. Moreover, private trainers can attend to your requirements, by offering a flexible schedule and customized workout routine. Going Swimmingly London has one of the best trainers in London. Adam is a trained and insured swimming instructor who has been teaching swimming to multiple age groups for a long time now. He is a calm and collected individual who makes sure that all of his clients benefit the most from him. He believes that swimming is an essential life skill and should be learned as early as possible.


Water Weights

Once you are confident with your swimming technique and a few laps around the pool feel nothing, it’s time to take the game up a notch. Adding some weights can help you to do a more tense session leading to more calorie consumption and increased muscle strength. You can even perform some underwater exercises such as bicep curl to further add tension to your muscles. However, adding weight is only recommended when you have a proficient swimming technique and have learned all the basics.

Alongside all of this, remember to keep a track of your diet as well. You might not be required to follow a strict diet plan as proposed in other plans but you still need to consume a healthy and balanced diet that complements your swimming routine. Additionally, mixing up your swimming routine and varied swim strokes can help you achieve better results.