Did you know that the Ironman Triathlon is known as the most difficult sporting event in the world that takes place in just one day? The Ironman consists of a series of long-distance races, such as swimming, bicycle riding, and running. No wonder that it is considered to be this difficult, as the distances are quite long, and you also have a limited time to complete each task. In this article we will write about what to do in the Ironman training sessions: swimming part to be efficient.

How should I prepare for an Ironman training sessions: swimming?

Preparing for an Ironman Triathlon in London is no piece of cake. You have to start training months before the actual race. You will need a professional bike in order for that task to be more comfortable for you, as well as cycling as efficiently as possible. When it comes to running a marathon, you will definitely need a great pair of running shoes that ensures your success. Last but not least, as far as your swimming technique is concerned, you should certainly get it checked!

Ironman Training Sessions-Swimming

Who can you help me?

A professional and qualified private swimming coach in London will identify even the smallest weaknesses and will help you correct them. Working on your technique is crucial, otherwise you may find yourself out of breath before completing the laps. Getting in touch with a private swimming teacher is even more important for beginners. Will this be your first Ironman Triathlon and don’t know how to train efficiently? Are you in need of a professional coach who will motivate you and help you fine-tune your techniques? Then Going Swimming London is a wise choice for you. Adam, a fully qualified instructor, will make sure that you are ready to complete the swimming race when the time comes.

An Ironman swimming workout should definitely be personalised and supervised. Your private swimming coach in London and its area will be there for you the whole time and together, you can try different workout plans in order to be fully prepared. A great advantage with Going Swimmingly London is that you can benefit from swimming lessons and training at your own pool. Therefore, you won’t have to waste precious time going to the public pool. If you own a pool or have a residential pool, be sure to contact Adam and start working on your Ironman skills!

Focusing on swim endurance and technical development is crucial. Therefore, you’ll need to work hard on your workout plan, which will include high-end speed and maximal steady state work to improve your technical skills. Moreover, you will also fine-tune endurance swimming, including cardiovascular and muscular as well.

Workout plans

Together with your personal swimming coach you can develop various workout plans. Here’s one example for starters:

  • As a warm-up, try swimming for 10 minutes, focusing on certain techniques with each lap
  • Then, you’ll need to establish certain types of sets, for example: 200 / 100  / 2×150 / 2×75 / 3×100 / 3 x 50 / 4 x 50 / 4 x 25 – and build speed as you progress
  • For the main set, the goal is to maintain a strong, but in the same time, sustainable pace on the shorter intervals – it’s important to work with your coach in order to select an interval that fits your swimming ability and level of expertise.

Of course, this is just one example out of the many that you can build with a professional private swimming coach in London. The more you train, the stronger you will become, and you can be sure that you will complete the Ironman Triathlon if you’re persistent. Training for the swimming part of the triathlon is very important, but if you’ve signed up for the race, be sure that you will also focus on running and cycling as well. Start training at least 6 months before the race for a successful competition!