A small selection of the reviews we’ve received…

“As a mum of a 10-years old sportive boy, I was thinking how to make a 4-weeks Christmas school break efficient and interesting for him. One of my requirements was to dedicate a second half of a day for sports activities, as most of companies engage children first half of a day. And being Adam’s customer for several years I asked if Adam could not only swim with my son, but get him prepared for rugby season by having a 2-hours training in the park. Adam agreed and was very enthusiastic about this type of training. Adam helped him to improve his swimming technique and that combination of intensive cardio with elements of boxing in the park made my son feel stronger and increased his stamina. And, I had my piece of mind, knowing that my boy spends time with a reliable person and a professional coach. My son enjoyed this type of trainings and can’t wait for Easter holidays to have them again!”

Maria B.

“I decided to take some private swimming lessons as despite always ‘being able’ to swim, I never felt as though I was particularly efficient or had the right technique. In the space of 6 weeks Adam has changed all of that! He is an excellent teacher with endless patience and I find his sessions challenging, informative but also really good fun. His is incredibly flexible with scheduling which makes it so easy to fit my lessons around work and other commitments. I can highly recommend Adam to any adult who wants to refine how they swim and improve their fitness.”

Carly J.

“Adam is an excellent swimming teacher. He has been working with my 9 year old son to bring him up a level and work on his swimming technique. Adam is so patient and relates really well to children. My son absolutely adores him and can not wait for his swimming lessons with Adam. I highly recommend him.”

Isidora P.

“Adam is an excellent teacher, my 3 and 6 year old children improved enormously in the term they had their lessons. Would highly recommend him to others”

Baden G.

“I have been swimming with Adam (as an adult) for a couple of months and have seen results. Adam is patient, knowledgeable and easy to learn from. Highly recommend him for lessons.”

Monica S.

“Adam has taught my son swimming for over 4 years (ages 6 to 10). When he started, he was a very reluctant swimmer but now looks forward to his classes with enthusiasm and has become one of the best swimmers in his class at school. He has an excellent rapport with Adam, who makes the lessons fun at the same time as challenging his pupils to work hard.”

Richard H.

“Adam is the best swimming instructor!
My both kids (7yo and 2yo) enjoy lessons with him.
Adam is super attentive and caring!
He has various equipment with him including lots of toys!
The lessons are never boring!
They have so much fun.
It is impossible to overestimate the positive impact of swimming on health: this school year my older son didn’t miss any school day!”

Vadim S.

“Adam is an excellent swim coach. Really puts my 6-year old at ease, she has fun and most importantly wins gold medals at swim galas!”

James T.

“Adam is the perfect teacher – knowledgable, professional, endlessly patient and encouraging. As a post-op 55 year old I thought learning to swim was an impossible dream. After only a few lessons with Adam I am powering up and down the pool with a style that knocks spots off my grown-up children – who are seriously impressed!”

Carolyne T.

“Adam has been teaching my 6 year old son for over 7 months now. He has been amazing with him. My son wasn’t a fan of water, and didn’t want to go into the pool the first lesson, but now cannot wait for his weekly class with Adam. He has progressed so much, and it’s thanks to Adam’s patience and playful ways of teaching him. Highly recommended!”

Shirley T.

“Adam is an excellent teacher, both my children really looked forward to their swimming lessons with him.
Adam has an excellent manner and both children aged 2 & 4 are extremely water confident due to his teaching, with my 4 yr old swimming very well.
I would definitely recommend him”