Private Boxing Lessons, the ideal swimming training out of the pool

Diving into crisp blue water and swimming some laps is certainly one of the most physically rewarding and enjoyable sports, but whether you have limited access to a pool or are simply hoping to take a mid-season break. There is never a reason why you should miss out on the benefits of swimming so try out the private boxing lessons.

Luckily, Adam from Going Swimmingly London can get you working on your strength and agility in and out of the water with just the same expertise and enthusiasm. Backed up by seven years of training experience, your private instructor will get you perfecting your punches and kicks combinations in no time with his patient and knowledgeable teaching approach in your private boxing lessons.

A full-body sport for everyone to enjoy

Benefiting from the same training flexibility as swimming, you can push your workouts both in terms of duration and intensity. Whether you are looking for an exciting way to fit in your cardio for the week or an effective way of improving your power, kicking and punching your way through your land-based training is one of the most fruitful ways to do it. Your private boxing lessons are designed to cater to your level of experience and preference to drive you towards your goals and keep you motivated along every step of the way.

Each private lesson is devised as to exploit the natural diversity of boxing to adapt movements and adjust the intensity of the exercise to match the abilities of children and adults alike. Any age and fitness level is urged to discover the thrill of this highly versatile and stimulating sport to build their confidence and work up a nice sweat.

Improve your swimming in and out of the pool

If you have already had the pleasure of taking private swimming lessons with Adam or are hoping to find more varied ways of improving your swimming technique, mixing in a few classes of boxing or kickboxing throughout the week will certainly help your progress in the pool. From boosting your agility and speed to working your upper body strength, this combat sport is the ideal companion to any water-based training by valuing the same crucial skills.

This is your chance to work on knocking off a few seconds off your lap time, even if you find yourself away from the pool. Whether you have been a regular swimmer for years or just a couple of months, breaking your training routine with different forms of exercise is essential if you want to avoid reaching the dreaded plateau. Boxing will keep challenging your body in novel ways to ensure that you are staying right on track with your progress. If you are struggling to see any performance improvements when you are in the pool, you should consider throwing some kicks and punches around with a private boxing lesson.

Private boxing lessons near you

After all, who doesn’t enjoy letting off some steam after a hard week at work or a long day at school? You can book your private boxing or kickboxing class with Going Swimmingly London to set up your ideal training session near you in South West London. Forget about schedule conflicts, your private lessons are fully catered to your busy life and location to help you prioritise your health, not the traffic.