Private Sports Activities for Children in London

Whether you have already enjoyed hours of fun swimming lessons with Adam and are hoping to take your training out of the water, or are simply looking to boost your cardio away from the pool, Going Swimmingly London offers a range of other private sports activities for children.

No matter what type of ball your child likes to kick or throw around, Adam will set up private sports activities to fit their interest and skill. Any sport is a good occasion to work on developing a new skill or building up some strength.

Whether it is improving fitness, to boost performance in another sport or simply to get the blood pumping and keep healthy, a private sports session will help with either without ever compromising the fun.

It’s always a good time and place for your children to get active.

Don’t miss out on the rare London sun to head to your nearby park for some running, tennis or boxing practice under the vigilant guidance of your expert sports instructor.

If you are hoping to make the most out of the upcoming holidays to keep your children active and stay in touch with their athletic skills, you can get in touch with Adam to find the ideal session to fit in between your trip abroad or other family plans.

If your child has been wanting to bring the fun of swimming out of the pool with them and build up their cardio and strength even further, Adam can help anyone find an effective training combination with these outdoor activities.

The perfect teacher in and out of the Swimming Pool

With years of experience in boxing and kickboxing, no sport is off limit to get your child up on their feet and moving. Both highly skilled and responsible, Adam knows exactly how to tailor every session to your kid’s ability to help them progress effectively. A personal teacher will always make sure to help them stay motivated and ensure that every activity, from swimming to running, always remains fun and enjoyable.

You can decide if you would like your kid’s personal session to focus on training a particular skill or improving their strength in a certain area. Adam will design exercises to target these points to improve your child’s confidence and ability. Conversely, if your are just looking for a fun way for them to get active, Going Swimmingly London will come up with enjoyable private sports activities that will still get them sweating.

Having thrilled many already with his teaching expertise in swimming, his patience gives him the ambition to help everyone no matter their skill level. That’s why Going Swimmingly London is going out of the swimming pool.

Here is just one of Adam’s delighted client who has found the perfect training instructor for helping their child build their confidence in their sport. You too can find the best activities program tailored to your kid and their unique interests.

Private sports activated for children in and around South West London

Not only can you decide on the type of private sports activities, you can also get in touch with Adam to find the perfect training spot near you in or around South West London. Just like for his swimming lessons, his schedule can be adapted to yours and help you avoid the trouble of driving all around London.

From Holland park to your back garden, anywhere with some grass to run around in can become the next training space for your child as long as you have got the experienced teacher to lead it. Get in touch with Going Swimmingly London and schedule a session wherever is easiest for you.