When you start a new hobby, it is perfectly normal to have fears of the unknown, to be a bit anxious about how things will go, and of course, to also be excited for your new adventure with a private swimming coach in London. If you are new to swimming, choosing a great instructor is crucial, therefore you should always go with someone who has experience, patience, and devotion. They are going to be some common obstacles you may face during your swimming lessons.

Bad experience

You may have tried swimming at a younger age but had a bad experience, or you didn’t have the chance until now to benefit from the several advantages this sport offers you. In any case, swimming lessons for children, adults and the elderly are worth considering.

Of course, you will face some common obstacles, but this is perfectly normal and you will be working to overcome those, together with your personal swimming teacher. Just remember that motivation is important. If you are motivated, you cannot fail. Everyone has different learning curves, and nobody will rush you. Not only the beginners, but even advanced swimmers have days when things don’t go as planned, they are tired, or are not in the best shape. With Adam from Going Swimmingly London each student will learn how to get up if they don’t succeed at first, regardless of age and gender.

Common Obstacles You May Face During Your Swimming Lessons

Let’s see the most common obstacles you may face:

  • The first one is probably familiar even for those who have not started the private swimming courses yet: showing up. We all know the feeling when you are not in the mood to start something new, but you have to take that step, force yourself into healthy habits, such as swimming, and prove to yourself that you can do whatever you set your mind to.
  • Fear of water: many children and adults are afraid of going to the pool, for various reasons. Fear of water is something that a good swim teacher knows how to handle, without being pushy. You can certainly overcome this issue, just take the first step and give yourself a chance.
  • Breathing techniques: learning the correct techniques has never been easy, and many advanced swimmers who weren’t taught this correctly in the beginning may still struggle with thus. A private swimming coach in London is a great option for you, since the teacher will focus only on his or her student. In a group class with many participants it is hard to pay attention to everyone and personalise the classes, and some students may finish the courses without learning how to breathe properly while swimming.
  • Patience is another important element when it comes to taking swimming lessons. Do not compare yourself to others. Do not hurry. Do not have unrealistic expectations from yourself after just a few classes. Instead, be patient, focus on what your swimming teacher tells you, and don’t give up if you don’t achieve your goal easily!

A remarkable private swimming coach in London can change your mindset and can make you feel  like you can do anything. First experiences are important, and that is why you should work with someone who will bring out the best in you.


If you want to swim with your baby, do not hesitate to contact Going Swimmingly London for personalised classes in your own pool or your residential pool. If you’re an adult and never tried swimming, you can also count on Adam. If your child is afraid of water and you don’t know how to handle the situation, now is the time to work with a professional.

Don’t forget: whatever you do, you will have to face some obstacles. This is nothing uncommon, we have all been there. It all depends on how dedicated you are and who you’re working with.