Swimming is one of those sports which has no trouble melding the ridge between recreation and exercise – and in more ways than one at that. There is a reason why colourful parasols are perpetually fighting for space on beaches or lounge stairs forever crowding themselves around pools as soon as the sun comes out. Water, be it salty or not, has become an enduring attraction for people around the world, where its presence alone seems to exert a positive impression on anyone within reach. From its captivating play of light to its uniquely smooth touch, it is hard to resist jumping into – especially when it claims such excellent health benefits. Whether your love of swimming originated by the seashore or during your first training sessions at your residential pool, swimming can boost your physical and mental performance.

Swimming can boost your physical and mental performance in numerous ways:

Low-impact body conditioning

People often struggle to find a replacement exercise for swimming which combines all the cardio and resistance training with such minimal stress on the joints. The training versatility and flexibility it offers is precisely why swimming is such a unanimous favourite amidst children and elderlies alike.

If you have an injury you are recovering from or sensitive joints to preserve, swimming nullifies any excuse not to enjoy an intense workout and maintain a healthy fitness level.  Whether contrived or not, you will soon find more than one reason to abandon your daily run or cycle around the neighbourhood for a few laps across the pool.

Increased lung capacity

How swimming can boost your physical and mental performance

When it comes to boosting lung capacity, your swimming performance itself will hardly progress without improving your breathing first. Heavily dependent on the aerobic and anaerobic components of the sport, both train the body to move air in and out of your lungs in a much more efficient way. Once you start swimming on a regular basis, you will struggle to find a flight of stairs still able to get you out of breath.

Improved cognitive function

Although the physical benefits are already plentiful as they stand, swimming also has remarkable impacts on cognitive functioning. Water-based training has been shown to promote blood circulation around the body and notably to the brain, improving its oxygenation and hence its overall health. In addition, the physical boost provided by such a vigorous activity as swimming has also been linked to nervous system growth and maintenance.

Stress relief

If swimming in the ocean during your summer holiday trip to the beach sounds relaxing, it should come as no surprise that the sport itself is known for alleviating stress and anxiety. Whether you are out in the sunshine or enjoying the calm of the indoors, the primarily individual nature of the activity lends itself to an appeasing and sometimes even therapeutic experience.

Whilst some enjoy the moment of silent solitude, others find their release in the regularity of the movements which helps keep their mind focused. Much like any physical activity, swimming promotes the release of endorphins through high-intensity training which naturally boosts one’s mood. If you are ever feeling under the weather, a few strokes around the pool will certainly kick you back on your feet and re-energise you by getting your heart pumping.

Summary of swimming can boost your physical and mental performance

No matter their aims and motivation, every swimmer will reap their own benefits from the sport and experience the different ways in which swimming can boost their physical and mental performance. If you yourself haven’t done so already, booking a private swimming lesson is certainly one of the best ways to get started.

Whether you are hoping to take your first strokes in the water or wishing to perfect your technique, there is no better way for both children and adults to achieve their goals than with a knowledgeable and equally patient instructor like Adam from Going Swimmingly London. There is no need to fly down to a beach when you can book your private swimming lesson in and around South West London whenever and wherever suits you best.