It goes without saying but swimming is considered to be a great exercise as it not only engages your cardiovascular system but also helps to develop muscle strength and improve your endurance levels. Impact of swimming on your health, there are numerous benefits of swimming regularly. Did you know that swimming 30 minutes a day is equivalent to running at a pace of 6.5 miles per hour for 30 minutes? Swimming allows you to burn calories quickly and ensures that your whole body remains engaged during the process. It is an exercise that is suitable for all age groups and has countless benefits, some of which are discussed below about impact of swimming on your health.

Full body workout

Every individual aged between 19-64 should at least perform 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity every week. This number only increases for children below the age of 19. Swimming as an exercise is an excellent outlet for fulfilling this goal. A good swimming session once a week would save you from all the other exercises that you might need to perform throughout the week. Swimming provides for a full-body workout that targets all major muscle groups in your body which has helps with muscle gain. This includes arms, legs, torso, and the core. Resultantly, your body conditioning improves drastically as swimming helps you to gain muscles.

Cardiovascular strength

Apart from engaging all your body muscles, swimming positively impacts your circulatory system so swimming also impacts your health. Your circulatory system comprises the heart, lungs, and arteries. Swimming once a week can help you to develop cardiovascular strength and reduce the chance of getting a heart attack. According to research conducted by the International Journal of Aquatic Research and Education, swimmers have a 50% less chance of developing a cardiovascular implication when compared to a runner. This indicates the impact swimming has on your heart and lungs. People with asthma are often recommended to swim regularly so that they can

Impact of swimming on your health

Suitable for all fitness levels

Each type is different from the other. Every individual has a different fitness level and muscle strength. Some workout routines might be tough for people while others perform them easily. However, this is not the case with swimming. Your body weight keeps you afloat and all you have to do is find a pace that suits you and swim across the pool. Swimming is an effective exercise that can act as a great starter for people that do not work out regularly. With a little consistency and practice, you can easily learn to swim for longer periods.

Good for people with injuries

Since everybody’s type is different from the other, it is no wonder that people have different medical histories as well. People with medical conditions such as arthritis or any other old injury find it difficult to follow any generalized workout routines. There is always a chance of developing a new injury or pain from an old one. Swimming on the other hand is very safe as the water supports your muscles and allows for a high resistance workout. In addition to this, people with disabilities can also benefit from swimming as they have very limited options otherwise.

Improves mental health

Exercise such as swimming or any other is a great way to release stress. Not only does it help you to divert your energy and mind from the thought that is causing you stress but also helps to uplift your mood. Swimming also releases endorphins that can help you to address the emotional imbalance created in your body. This is also the reason that you feel good after an exercise session. Swimming regularly can help you to manage stress, deal with anxiety and improve your mood. Moreover, it also helps to improve your sleep.


Swimming is an affordable activity as numerous public pools charge a very small amount for swimming sessions. If you are someone who does not know how to swim, you can opt for private swimming lessons where a personal instructor would help you learn swimming and teach you all the techniques needed at the beginner level.

Summery of Impact of swimming on your health

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