We all know that some extra money always comes in handy: the kids need new clothes, you want to buy something for yourself or your partner, or maybe a new hobby raised your interest. Having an additional income will help you become more stable financially, and of course, you’ll help Going Swimmingly London teach babies, toddlers, children, and adults to swim in a private setting. Making money from your swimming pool by renting it out is easy.

If you’re asking yourself “how could I rent my swimming pool in and around SW London” to make some extra income? Well, the procedure is fast and easy. All you need to do is contact us and we’ll get into details.

Where are we interested in renting swimming pools?

Considering that our professional swimming teacher has a tight schedule, ideally, he would need a pool that is close to his area of work, more precisely, SW London and its surroundings, within M25 motorway.

We are looking for swimming pools at:

–   Your home – previously we wrote about the advantages of owning a swimming pool, so if you’re one of those lucky people, do not hesitate to get in touch with us

–   Hotels, gyms or spas – our courses are professional, meaning that we won’t be bothering anyone else there

–   School/university pools – if they are not in use after school hours or in the summer, why not earn some easy money by renting it?

Making money from your swimming pool in SW London Area

What are the benefits of renting your pool to us?

Think about it this way: you have a pool that is not always in use, but still, maintaining it needs energy, effort, and of course, money. So, instead of dealing with this alone, you could collaborate with Adam, an experienced, private swimming teacher in London. If you’re thinking “should I rent my swimming pool in and around SW London?” The answer is definitely yes, you should.

Why are private swimming classes beneficial for you?

Firstly, teaching the students the various techniques cannot necessarily be standardized, as each person has a different learning curve; some may need a push from their coach, others maybe learn faster. That is why an individual swimming course in London is a great option for everyone – the teacher will focus on the one student only, and thus, he is able to personalize each class. Secondly, by renting your swimming pool to us, we will have more and more opportunities to teach this sport to anyone interested.

So, apart from having a customized swimming course and the teacher’s full attention, another advantage of swimming in a private surrounding, for most of the students, is confidence. People feel safer and maybe even more confident if they are not thinking about what others may think about them. It sounds a bit complicated, but let’s admit that we’ve all been there.

Summary of “Making money from your swimming pool”

Whether you’re the one who owns a pool or the student who is looking for private swimming lessons in London, our experienced coach is ready to talk about the details. Feel free to send us a message, and don’t forget: if you’re still thinking about “should I rent my swimming pool in and around SW London?” then this is the perfect time to do so!