It feels like 2017 has barely started, yet we are already at the beginning of March. Since time passes really fast we should all think about those New Year resolutions or the goals that we have set for this year. I wish you all a happy New year new possibilities!

Many people postpone what needs to be done with regards to. Why? Because we all think, ‘it’s just something I promised myself, thus it’s not high on my list of priorities’. Well, it should be. If we really want our life to change in a new direction or in case we want to influence the people around us, first we have to start with ourselves.

New year new possibilities!

Not respecting what we promised ourselves would be quite a bad example, wouldn’t it? If we want to see and experience things differently, we have to start by trying to do our best to improve our current situation. So here are a few pointers that can help in achieving those goals, keeping those promises.

New year, new possibilities

1: Time – What you can do today…

Do it today! It is extremely hard to take out time of our everyday life for something that we may not consider important right now. But if you don’t start forcing yourself to do what needs to be done for you, you can’t expect changes to happen. It’s a give-get situation. First you need to sacrifice your time and energy, and then you’ll see the results.

2: The three ‘ch’-s: Chance, choice, change

If you get the chance to change something, just take it while you can. Choose what you want to change in your life. Would you like to be healthier and happier? Maybe get a new job? Stop smoking? Spend more time with your family? After you have established your goals, write them down on a list and make sure to read it every day. Have an exact plan of how to reach what you wish for.

3: Taking action

This may be the hardest part. Suddenly, people realize things aren’t so bad after all, that change can wait. But believe me, it’s a trap! You have to be stronger and resist. Stick with your plan and don’t give in to the fact that you’re tired or you don’t have time.

For instance, if you want to change your lifestyle and be healthier, try eating healthy meals and exercise if you can.

Swimming would be a perfect choice in this case. As a swimming instructor, I would strongly recommend taking up swimming for everyone who wants to get healthier this year. During swimming almost every muscle in your body moves, it’s one of the most beneficial sports you could do. Besides being a great exercise, it’s also fun, so it’s a win-win from every point of view. In case you need any advice on how to get started, I am more than happy to outline the basics of swimming for you.

Summary of new year new possibilities

The bottom line is, whatever you promised yourself this year, just try your best to keep it, because after all, it all starts with how you treat yourself. Good luck to all of you in accomplishing those goals!