Finding out what you really enjoy to do is pretty awesome, but you always have to challenge yourself to do more, to keep it interesting. After a few months have passed, I realized ‘reaching my destination’, finding my dream job, was just the beginning. The next step is to rent out a swimming pool.

I wanted to look for more ways of improving my teaching. I wanted to excel in what I do, to take the job of a swimming instructor and swimming coach to a whole new level. The questions was:  how to achieve that?

More experience

Well, first off, I needed to gain even more experience, thus more clients. For that, I needed to advertise my services. Let me tell you a secret. Nothing had quite as much effect, as word of mouth (so never underestimate the power of words). Along with the increasing number of clients, I encountered new situations, faced new challenges, and ultimately gained a lot more experience as a teacher. So this part was fulfilled.

As the years have passed, I enjoyed my work even more and realized that I’m right where I should be, when it comes to a career. I was really grateful, but this was still not enough. You set a goal, you reach it and then it’s time to motivate yourself by setting a new one, which is exactly what I’m doing.

Now I have over 5 years of experience and expertise in this field. I have more clients than I can accommodate in my working schedule at the swimming club. This is how I came up with my next goal: I want to rent a swimming pool, to be able to teach more people. In order to do that, I need a swimming pool, of course. Thus, I’m in the lookout for one. If you own a swimming pool and you would like to gain some extra money, without any extra effort, I have the solution for both of us. Just get in touch to discuss the details and let that be the beginning of a successful business solution!

The next step is to rent out a swimming pool

Summary of the next step is to rent out a swimming pool

Finally, as I’ve said before, there’s a lesson to be learned from every story, from every part of a story. ‘What is there to be learned from today’s post?’ – you might ask. Well it goes something like this: always strive to be even better at what you do, because continuous learning and improving are keys to being successful at your career.

If you dream, dream big … that’s the way it will be worth it!