Boxing has left the ring to become an increasingly popular choice for people looking to improve their fitness and reap the benefits of its full body workout. Preparing for your first boxing class can begin now.

Trying out a new sport can sometimes be daunting, especially one which can end in knockouts. To help you make the most of your workout and fall in love with this sport, here are 4 things to remember when preparing for your first boxing class.

1. Get enough rest

Even though boxers are not running back and forth down a football pitch, do not be fooled into thinking that you will be walking away from your first boxing session without pouring a drop of sweat.

Indeed, boxing requires you to keep your body engaged at all times, even when you are not landing punches you still need to stay light on your feet and be ready for anything that your opponent may throw at you. Boxing is a full body workout that will work multiple muscle groups from your arms to your legs and keep your heart rate up. It is therefore best that you are well rested for your first boxing session such that you can be sure to make the most out of it. So preparing for your first boxing class by resting is very important.

2. Take things at your own pace

Whether you have already watched hours of boxing fights or are just looking to try out a new sport, no prior knowledge of boxing techniques is required for you to do well during your first class.

What makes boxing such a versatile mode of training is also what makes it challenging to different people and in different ways. Whether you start off with a weak jab or poorly coordinated footwork, the point is for you to learn the correct technique and improve during your subsequent classes. What matters more than trying to perfect your uppercut within your first class is to take things at your own pace. No matter your level or experience, you should focus on your own skillset – it is always best to learn the correct technique right from the start instead of having to re-adjust later on!

Preparing for Your First Boxing Class 4 Things to Remember

3. Good strength and cardio are helpful but not a necessity

As mentioned before, boxing is truly a full body workout which will test both your strength and endurance. If you worry that you will not be able to keep up with your first boxing class because you feel like you may lack either one – do not worry. You can get into boxing at your own pace and your instructor will only push you as far as you are willing to go. In any case, do not expect to be thrown into the ring with another opponent during your first class and whenever you do feel ready to try it out, you will be matched with someone of a similar level to you.

That said, preparing for your first boxing class by doing some strength training and cardio can help you feel more comfortable when learning new boxing techniques. If you are serious about improving your boxing skills, additional training on the side will certainly help you improve more quickly in your boxing classes, and vice-versa.

4. You don’t need professional equipment for preparing for your first boxing class

Most boxing classes will not require you to show up in full boxing gear for your first lesson and instead, they will likely have spare equipment to lend you. After all, the most important piece of equipment that you will be using will be boxing gloves. Although specific boxing shoes are sometimes recommended, you will be perfectly fine with any comfortable pair of trainers. Your instructor or boxing gym should provide any additional pieces of equipment you might use during your class, be it boxing bags or protective pads.

If you are thinking of pursue boxing further, it will certainly be worth investing in a good pair of boxing gloves. This will help you get used to their weight whilst making it more comfortable and hygienic for you.

Now that you have gone through these 4 things to remember when preparing for a boxing class, you are ready to book your first lesson.

Preparing for your first boxing class by signing up

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