Private swimming lessons in London are more and more preferred by those who are looking forward to taking up another kind of hobby or activity. There are various reasons why a private swim teacher is a good choice, and you can read more about this in our previous blog post. Now, however, we are going to shed some light on private swimming lessons: expectations vs reality

Swimming lessons: expectations vs reality

1. The right bathing suit

Expectations: any kind of bathing suit will do just fine. During your private swimming lesson you’ll be in your own pool anyway and it doesn’t matter what kind of equipment you are wearing.

Reality: you will need to find a comfortable bathing suit that fits you and it won’t fall off when you jump in the pool, for instance. You shouldn’t be preoccupied with constantly arranging and fixing your suit. All your focus has to be directed towards the swimming lesson and your coach.

2. Wearing a swim cap

Expectations: if you’re learning to swim in your own pool and you’re the only student, you don’t necessarily have to wear a swim cap, as there are no other people there.

Reality: swim caps are important accessories, not only due of hygienic purposes, but also because they protect the hair and make the swimmer’s body more streamlined. During your private swimming lessons in London, wearing a cap is highly advised.

Private Swimming Lessons Expectations vs Reality

3.Swimming lessons: expectations vs reality about breathing underwater

Expectations: most of us probably tried to control our breathing while swimming, by simply inhaling when the face is out of the water, and holding the air in while the face goes in. However, that is not how you should do it.

Reality: with the help of a qualified swimming teacher, you will learn the tips and tricks of breathing while swimming. You have to exhale through your mouth when your face is in the water, or through your nose if you’re swimming on your back. In no case should you just inhale without exhaling.

4. Learning to swim is a piece of cake

Expectations: you probably heard that private swimming lessons, regardless of how old a person is, are very easy. You just have to learn some movements and the rest will come from instinct. Well, for those who want to learn the swimming techniques correctly and actually benefit from the various positive effects this sport has, leaving it to chance just won’t be enough.

Reality: learning to swim is a complex procedure, especially for those who have fear of water. There is a learning curve that is different for everyone: some students feel comfortable in water from the very beginning, others, however, need some time to adjust. With the help of a private swim coach who has worked with many people of different abilities, the procedure will be easier and faster.

5. Private swim lessons at home are more effective than in a group

Expectations: you’re looking for adult swimming lessons in London, but you don’t have the time to attend a group course. Instead, you’re expecting that a private coach will make your life easier, since he or she may have a flexible schedule that perfectly fits yours. You will get all the attention and motivation, and the courses will be more personalized, taking into account your experience or other factors.

Reality: actually, in this case, your expectations are correct. Working with a private swimming instructor has various benefits, and if you own a swimming pool or have access to a residential pool, all you need to do is contact someone with years of experience.

Summary of swimming lessons: expectations vs reality

It is very important to begin your private swimming lesson in London with someone who can guide you from the beginning. You need to learn the swimming techniques correctly, focus on your breathing, and you will need a great motivator as well. Whether you’re looking for baby, toddler, children or adult swimming lessons in SW London area, Going Swimmingly is ready to help you all the way.