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If you are thinking about your child not progressing with swimming, it can be frustrating and concerning at the same time. You may not know what the problem is, or what you can do to help your child improve. There can be a number of reasons for a slow progress rate or no progress at all. In this blog post, we will explore some possible reasons why a child may not be progressing with swimming, and offer some solutions to help get them back on track!

Lack of Practice

One reason for a child not progressing with swimming is that they are not getting enough practice. Swimming is a skill that requires repetition and practice to master. If your child only swims once a week, they may not be getting enough time in the water to make significant progress. Try to schedule more frequent swimming sessions, or enrol your child in a swim class so they can practice more often. You can easily find swimming lessons by searching swimming lessons and your city next to it, for example; swimming lessons in London.

Child not progressing with swimming

A gap in swimming sessions leads to low progress as they are unable to learn new skills and implement them. The more the merrier, frequent swimming sessions would help your child to implement skills that they have learned in their previous sessions into the new ones which in turn would help them to make progress.

Bad Experience

Another reason for a child not progressing with swimming could be that they are afraid of the water. It is common for children to be scared of the pool, especially if they have had a bad experience in the past. If your child is afraid of the water, it will be difficult for them to make progress. Talk to your child about their fears, and try to help them overcome them by taking things slowly. Start with short swimming sessions in shallow water, and gradually work up to longer distances and deeper water. With time and patience, your child should be able to overcome their fear of the water and start making progress again.

Over Practice 

Over practice affects the progress of a child in the same manner as under practise does. Accumulated fatigue reduces progress and can even lead to a burn out.  Swimming is a full body exercise which involves the movement of almost all muscle groups in our body. If your child is practicing more than usual, there is a high chance that they are unable to recover their body. This leads to excessive fatigue since there is no rest. Practice and recovery time should be perfectly balanced so that every time they go for a swimming session their body has the energy to perform throughout the session.

Child not progressing with swimming because of lack of Motivation

If your child is not showing progress in their swimming lessons, it can be the case that they are not motivated enough to swim. If your child does not enjoy swimming, they will not be as likely to put in the effort to improve. A lack of motivation would always come in the way of them striving as hard as possible to learn the skill and improve their technique. Low motivation levels also reduce their chances of stepping outside the comfort zone and trying something new, this can also lead to a child not progressing with swimming. Make sure that your child is motivated when they go swimming.

Lack of proper guidance

Another reason why your child is not progressing in their swimming lessons is the lack of proper guidance and instructions. If your child is not being taught the correct techniques, they will not be able to improve their skills. The absence of a swimming teacher or swimming instructor negatively affects progress. Conversely, hiring a swimming teacher can help them as they would teach your child the right technique, monitor them, keep them motivated and ensure that they give their 100% to each swimming session.

Progress is relative

As parents we are eager to see results. However, each child is different from the other. Therefore, progress can not be measured in absolute terms and is a relative. Some kids are quick to learn one skill while others become proficient in others skills within no time. Therefore, just hang in there and be patient, even the slightest of improvements count! Sometimes you might feel like your child is not progressing with swimming but they are. It’s just a matter of time before you see results.

Summary of child not progressing with swimming

There are a few things you can do to help your child progress in their swimming. First, make sure they are receiving proper instruction from a qualified coach. Adam is a certified swimming instructor who is fully insured and holds swimming sessions in London. He is ASA certified and can give you children the best swimming teaching and coaching needed. Second, provide them with motivation to swim by enrolling them in fun activities or competitions. Finally, make sure they are practicing regularly. If your child is only swimming once a week, they will not be able to make much progress. Lastly, cheer them up, give them positive feedback and encouragement so that they become more passionate about swimming.

If you’re worried about why is my child not progressing with swimming, don’t despair! Help them and in no time, they’ll be swimming like a fish!