You have booked your first few group swimming lessons but you still cannot complete a full lap of front crawl without swallowing water or worse, your summer holiday is coming up in just a few weeks, but your child still cannot keep their head above the water. The question inevitably arises: are group or private swimming lessons the best way to learn how to swim? Whether you are taking your first strokes in the pool or finding your performance improvements stuck at a plateau, private swimming lessons are the best way to learn how to swim and improve your skills in more ways than one. No matter the scope or scale of your goals, a private swimming instructor can guide people of all ages through various aspects of their swimming journey.

Private swimming lessons are the best way to learn how to swim for the following reasons:

One-to-one exchange

Whilst some find group swimming lessons intimidating, others may worry about the lack of personal interaction with the instructor. Naturally, one cannot except a single teacher to know the precise strengths and weaknesses of every one of their dozens of students when each of them are already starting out at a different level. A private swimming lesson makes sure that you are getting the attention you deserve and need to improve your skills and refine your technique. The unique teaching style of each class also creates a comfortable environment for one to ask questions and share their concerns in order to help them overcome any difficulties.

If your child has seen no progress over weeks of group swimming lessons, one should also keep in mind that chatter and waiting between exercises can quickly cut an hour’s worth of swimming by half. By creating a motivating and fun environment, private swimming lessons promote an enjoyable learning experience which helps you stay focused on improving your strengths and consolidating areas needing improvement. Apart from your instructor’s recurrent jokes, no unnecessary distractions or delays are likely to divert you from your training and progress.

Private swimming lessons are the best way to learn how to set your own goals

Whether you are learning how to swim your first lap or are looking to knock off a few seconds off your latest lap, you will not achieve it quicker than with a private swimming lesson. The ability to set your own goals lets you build up a personalised training program with your instructor and create an environment that will naturally stimulate your progress. As complete beginners or semi-professionals, swimmers all come with various physical conditions and abilities, catering to these differences is precisely the task of your private swimming lesson.

One can scarcely undermine the importance of this one-to-one exchange when it comes to acquiring or perfecting a new skill, especially when it comes to such a sport like swimming which requires a range of movements mostly unfamiliar to one’s daily activities. From adapting the pace of teaching to rectifying the details of your technique, these are where group lessons often fall short but private classes excel at.

Why private swimming lessons are the best way to learn how to swim

Swimming lesson on your schedule

Unlike football and rugby where any flat stretch of grass can serve as a training spot, swimming requires one to find a swimming pool on location. Many may find it hard to reconcile their busy schedule or remote location with the meeting of their next group swimming class, luckily, private swimming lessons make sure that no keen swimmer ever has to forego their enthusiasm for the sport solely due to timetable conflicts.

By letting your own agenda dictate your commitments, you are free to schedule and re-schedule without ever having to worry about other people in a group having to adjust theirs. Whether you are taking private swimming lessons for you or your children, you can even forego any long commutes by meeting up at your own, residential pool or hired pool in and around South West London.

Your safety always comes first

Safety is also a pertinent concern that arises with group swimming lessons, whilst some may feel more comfortable at home in their residential pool, others may fear to be overlooked in crowded classes. Private swimming lessons are arranged for your comfort and ease from start to finish, adapting the location of your class and pace of your progress whenever required or requested. Private instructors are also qualified life savers who are always at hand to ensure your safety or that of your child.

Qualified and experienced swimming instructor

Private swimming lessons allow skilled instructors to apply their expertise and knowledge to the best of their abilities by dedicating all of their energy into helping their individual student. These all tend to be fully qualified and insured swimming teachers with years of experience behind them, just like Adam from Going Swimmingly London.

Summary of private swimming lessons are the best way to learn

As a committed and enthusiastic instructor, Adam is trained to deliver classes for everyone, from babies and adults to persons with disabilities. If you ever feel reticent about leaving your toddler in the water or to step into the pool yourself, the patience and specialised skills honed by professionals like Adam will always ensure that each of their clients feels comfortable along every step of their swimming journey.

After all, a student can only be as good as its teacher so get in touch with Adam from Going Swimmingly London to book your own private swimming lessons in and around South West London and enjoy a personalised training program delivered only with the greatest care and attention to your needs and expectations.