Other swimming services worth trying

Adam offers other swimming services for babies, kids, adults, and the elderly, as well as for people with disabilities. These are the most sought-after types of lessons when it comes to hiring a private swimming teacher in London for a residential pool, or your own private swimming pool. If you are looking for such lessons, don’t hesitate to contact him. He will offer you professional services thanks to his expertise in this area.

But you should also know that you can count on him in other situations as well. Most of the swimming teachers offer you a fix schedule and a certain type of service. However, Adam decided to help people in other situations as well.

Other swimming services we offer:

Birthday Pool Parties

Let’s say that you want a special birthday party for your kids in  London or nearby. One that is out-of-the-ordinary and interesting. A party at your residential pool with the other children sounds like a great idea and you can be sure that everyone will enjoy it! However, you will most certainly need someone who can supervise the kids in the pool, and maybe even teach them a few techniques to be more self-confident in the water. A private swimming teacher in London will be there for you the whole time, with various swimming activities that are fun and enjoyable.

Safety is the most important aspect, even if you have a smaller pool. Kids can get overly excited, and that is why you will need a qualified person to supervise them and take care of them. All of these without distracting the children or ruining their fun.

Adam is not only a qualified instructor, but he is also prepared for unexpected situations. Since accidents can happen even if every safety measure is taken, you need a person that can perform CPR if needed. That is why he is a great choice from every perspective.

Supervision at Pool Parties

Pool parties are fun, not only for children. If you’re living in or around SW London and are looking for a certified person that can supervise while you’re having fun, feel free to contact Adam for a great experience!

Again, safety is key, so it’s wise to hire someone that can perform CPR if necessary, and knows what to do in unexpected situations.

Swimming Lesson Sessions During your Holiday 

Are you and your family looking forward to enjoying a well-deserved holiday in a nice place that you’ve always wanted to visit? If you chose an exotic destination and your main goal is to enjoy the sunshine while in the water, you may consider hiring a private swimming teacher that can accompany you and be your personal instructor. You will definitely feel safer and more self-confident if you are there with a qualified trainer.

Moreover, if you want to enjoy some quality time with your partner and need someone to take care of the children in the meantime, Adam can help you with that as well, since he has years of experience in this area too. He can be your personal instructor and can take care of the kids as well while on vacation.

Swimming Video Analysis

Do you feel out of shape? Do your swimming techniques need to be improved? If you’re looking for someone whom you can collaborate with online when it comes to analysing your swimming skills, Adam will offer you professional analysis and tips to improve your methods. Are you a great swimmer, but your front crawl still needs enhancement? Is your backstroke great, but do you have problems when it comes to breaststroke? Regardless of where you live, you can send Adam a video of your swimming sessions and his in-depth analysis will certainly result in some extremely useful tips for you.

Having a qualified swimming instructor watch and analyse your videos is a great idea. He will offer you professional guidance and useful tips, which you can then use in order to work on your technique and improve your swimming.

Did you find the service you were looking for on the other swimming services list? If yes, don’t hesitate to contact Adam for a great experience! If you have other plans or ideas, for which you will need a qualified swimming teacher, Adam will surely be open to discuss about those as well.

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