The holidays are just around the corner. Have you ever wondered what would be the best Christmas gifts for those who don’t know how to swim and those who really love to this year? Break the routine of usual presents by giving something out of the ordinary. Something like swimming lesson vouchers. Granted, these vouchers may seem a bit unusual at first, but they are not only practical and useful, they also show how much you care about the other person and want them to be safe when they are near water, on a holiday or at a pool party.

This is a really great idea, if a relative or a friend has not yet learned how to swim, or in case they want to improve their swimming techniques. You can also make it a family activity, by enrolling the whole family to swimming lessons. But what should you do in the case of swimming fanatics? Here are a few tips on gifts that would be useful and appreciated by people who simply love being in the water and are crazy about swimming.

Christmas gifts for those who don’t know how to swim and those who really love to

Christmas gifts for those who don’t know how to swim and those who really love to

1: Personalised towel

What better way of showing your appreciation, than making sure your loved one has got his/her own embroidered towel? Make sure that the embroidery represents a characteristic of its future owner. It can be something funny, meaningful etc. Either way, your swimmer will definitely be touched.

2: Swimwear/bathing suit

Yes, although it is obvious that a swimming fanatic already has this item (probably more than one), it is actually a good idea to get them more. Why? Because for swimmers swimwear is like toy cars for boys or dolls for girls – there can never be enough. It is useful, practical and again, it will be appreciated.

3: Cosmetic products/Toiletries

While at first, this choice may sound a bit “inside the box” thinking when it comes to gifts, with just a little bit of spicing, toiletries make great gifts for swimmers. What’s the secret that makes them successful and not boring gifts? Find something that is specifically designed to take care of dry skin, damaged hair or anything that may be caused by excessive stay in water. There are many lotions and skin care products that would do the trick or you could buy some Chlorine Removal Shampoo. It is really useful and it will surely be a surprise.

4: Waterproof headphones and phone case

Yes, we have stepped into the world of technology. Swimming is considered to be even more fun with music on, or having your phone around while at it. So, if you have a friend or relative who is not only crazy about swimming, but thinks about it as an activity that requires a phone and headphones, these would probably make nice gifts. Plus, this way you can also avoid small accidents where mobile devices and water are involved.

5: Goggles, water bottle, swimming bags

All of these are great swimming accessories and frankly, who wouldn’t love to get new ones, even if they already have them? Give your swimming enthusiast new goggles, a new water bottle or a new swimming bag and you’ll see that even if they seem traditional, they won’t fail you.

6: A camera for underwater photos

Now, if you really want to get over the top, a camera that takes underwater pictures is the perfect choice. With such cameras, swimmers are equipped and ready to improve their swimming technique.

7: Massage session

Finally, if you want your loved one to stay a bit ‘on shore’ and relax, book them a massage session. It is really good for swimmers to get deep tissue massages for example, not to mention that it will relieve them from everyday stress. A gift that is good for the body and mind!

Summary of Christmas gifts for those who don’t know how to swim and those who really love to

Hopefully, these ideas will be helpful with the upcoming shopping season and you will find them worthwhile. Feel free to tell us what you think about them and share your personal tips for Christmas gifts