Swimming is not only a great exercise to boost physical strength and endurance, but it can also help improve one’s mental health and confidence – all whilst having fun with the right swimming lesson. There are many reasons which motivate children to learn how to swim: it could be an upcoming trip to the beach, a swimming competition at school or a way to be more active.

Learning how to swim is not all about mastering different strokes, it is also about getting to know good water safety practices and the joy of being in a different element. To help you find the right swimming lessons for your child, you may wish to consider four key factors.

What are their swimming goals?

Why is your child taking swimming lessons? Maybe they are getting into the water for the first time to learn how to swim, or maybe they wish to improve on their technique to become a more proficient swimmer. Having a rough outline of what your child wishes to achieve by taking the right swimming lessons is important in finding an instructor or class that will target those specific goals. They will need to focus on different skills depending on whether they are trying to improve their swimming to join their school’s water polo team or getting prepared for a summer holiday at the beach. Finding a class which aligns with their ambitions will facilitate their progress as well as help them stay the motivated.

Qualified and knowledgeable instructor

Finding qualified swimming instructors is important to make sure that your child is learning techniques in a correct and safe way. Swimming is undoubtedly a complex sport but having a knowledgeable teacher on one’s side who can explain and break down the key skills helps make the learning process easier.

Some instructors have special accreditations which allow them to safely teach toddlers and younger children the basics of being in the water and learning the first swim strokes.

How to find the right swimming lessons for your child

Swimming lessons near you

If you want to kick a football around, all you need to do is walk outside and find one of the many parks in London. This may not be done as easily if you wish to go out for a swim. Depending on your location and needs, finding a nearby swimming pool often comes before finding the right swimming lesson for your child. Luckily, many private instructors offer flexible working locations to come teach their class wherever you are in London. Similarly, if you have a private swimming pool or are already a member at your local swimming club, you may wish to refine your search to find instructors who are able to travel to the site.

Small class size for the right swimming lessons

The smaller the class size, the better. This is a general rule for most classes but is particularly relevant for swimming as this allows students to obtain individual attention and personalised guidance. Instead of having to jump from one child to the next, instructors are able to properly follow your child’s progress and help them with the skills which they find most difficult.

Private lessons are often the best option for children, whether they are learning how to swim for the first time or hoping to improve specific skills. Everyone learns differently and the one-on-one teaching provided by a private instructor allows them to adjust the lesson depending on the child’s needs and wishes. Private classes are also safer since children are never left unwatched in the water and are guided throughout the lesson.

Finding the right swimming lessons near you

Going Swimmingly London offers private swimming lessons for children of all ages and abilities. Be they toddlers or teenagers, total beginners or advanced swimmers, every private lesson is tailored to your child’s goals to help them progress in a fun and safe environment.

If you are looking for the right swimming teacher for your child near London, you can get in touch with Adam from Going Swimmingly London to discuss how you can book your first lesson at a time and location which suits you best.