Swimming is certainly a sport like no other, however, there are plenty of reasons why you might have been kept back from the pool for so long. Whether you were away for an injury or simply didn’t find the time to fit a session into your busy schedule, it is never too late to get back into swimming after a long break, no matter how long your break from it was. Here are a few tips to allow you to rediscover the joys of swimming and recover your technique.

Be patient with yourself

There is no reason to be racing against the clock the minute that you are back in the pool; going slow is the best way to get back into swimming after a long break. You should give time for your body to re-adjust and build back some strength before you start going at it at full speed. This will help you avoid exhaustion or injuries that will only push you back on your progress. Allow yourself plenty of breathing time and your swimming abilities will regain their old confidence in due time.

Stay on track with your goals

Adopting a consistent schedule is key to getting you back into the pool – for more than one time. Setting some time aside in your week to dedicate to swimming is a great way of introducing it back into your routine. Frequent dips in the pool is the ideal way to awaken your sleepy muscles and technique.

Just like with everything you are hoping to achieve in life, setting goals for yourself can be a good motivator to keep you on track of a more consistent program. No matter how short or long-term they are, establishing a clear pathway for you to follow will ensure that you are able to progress step by step. This means setting goals which are realistic and achievable within a sensible time frame, you can always create new ones once you achieve the first one.

Such goals may range from a set time you want to reach in breaststroke, or a particular swim meet you would like to participate in, anything is good to keep you motivated. Avoid succumbing to boredom or reaching that dreaded plateau be staying consistent with your swimming times.

How to get back into swimming after a long break

Track your progress after you get back into swimming after a long break

It is unlikely that you will be swimming your first lap at the same speed that you left off with, however, that does not mean that you will not soon be able to recover that same performance. This makes tracking your progress a great way to measure your pace from session to session and keep you motivated when you first get back to swimming after a long break. It also goes hand in hand with you staying consistent and setting your goals, a regular track record will allow you to adjust the intensity of your swimming every week.

At the end of the day, it also gives you an opportunity to celebrate your progress as you recover your swimming form and technique. Everyone will progress at different speeds; this is your chance to set your own pace and work on improving yourself.

Maintain a healthy diet

You can’t expect your body to excel in the pool like it once used to if it isn’t fuelled adequately. Maintaining a healthy balanced diet will help give you the boost of energy necessary for you to tackle the pool in top condition. Whether your return to swimming is motivated by weight-loss or performance improvement, what you eat will power your progress every step of the way.

Stay optimistic after you get back into swimming after a long break

Swimming is an exceptionally all-inclusive sport for anyone to enjoy at their own pace and benefit from as an excellent full-body workout. As you get back to swimming after a long break, you should never forget to enjoy yourself and always maintain a positive attitude towards your progress.

Enrol in a private swimming lesson

There is nothing that can keep you motivated better than a swimming partner. Even better if that partner happens to be a professional swimming instructor who can ease you back into your swimming routine.

Whether you have been away from the pool for two years or twelve, there is nothing more valuable than having a thorough catch up on all swimming techniques and methods. Whether your breaststroke is in need of a skill upgrade or your posture could benefit from some readjustment, swimming lessons can help ensure that your return to the water is carried out safely.

Summary of “get back into swimming after a long break”

Apart from safeguarding you of any injuries, your private swimming teacher is also someone who can hold you accountable for your progress. There certainly is no better reassurance than knowing that you are taking your first strokes under the guidance of a professional like Adam from GoingSwimmingly.

There is no reason why you should stay out of the water, no matter how long it has been since you left the pool side, this is your chance to rediscover the thrill of swimming.