In our previous post we already mentioned some of the benefits that mental training means for your swimming career. However, the list of advantages is not over yet, and that is why it’s important to continue focusing on this topic and also on body & mind training works. Whether you’re a professional swimmer or you’re just about to start your private swimming lessons in London, being present and focusing on your surroundings will definitely help your progress. You may already know some of the main benefits of having a healthy mindset when it comes to sports: firstly, not letting your mind wander will lead to better focus on what you’re actually doing (a new swim stroke, the breathing techniques or anything else that you’re working on with your private coach).

Body & mind training

Accepting things is another important aspect of being mindful: not every day is the same, and if you don’t perform as you expected during a swimming session, you’ll need to bounce back from this feeling and keep going. Being a positive influence for your environment is another important point we mentioned in the previous article, because this way you can have a better relationship with your coach, your teammates and of course, your friends and family.

Mental Health and Swimming – Body & Mind Training – PART 2

Let’s see how you can further help your swimming style by achieving a balanced mental state:

  1. Learn to focus on the important stuff

If something doesn’t go as you planned during your private swimming lessons in London, you can control your reaction. You can choose to have a negative attitude and make yourself believe that you won’t be able to achieve your goals, or you can take a deep breath, get in a calm state and focus on what went wrong. Analyzing your performance and working on the actual issue will help you remain motivated. Also, a good swim teacher can help you focus on your weaknesses, too, while making sure that you acknowledge your successes as well.

  1. Patience, patience, patience

You may think that this state of mind is very common and obvious, however, not many swimmers can be patient when it comes to overcoming obstacles, facing challenges or dealing with injuries. It happens with anyone: you tweak a knee, hurt your back or simply catch a cold and you’re not able to make it to your training. Being patient means you know when is the time to rest and focus on your wellbeing, Forcing your trainings when you’re not recovered properly can lead to additional injuries, poor performance, and as a result, bad mood by not being satisfied with your achievements. Be patient and accept that you’re human, your injuries need to heal, and you deserve a rest until you’re fully recovered.

  1. Clear your mind to better deal with distraction

A group swimming lesson involves many people, sometimes more than one coach, and even some parents chatting near the pool. These noises can distract you from focusing on your technique, hence affecting your performance. Learning to shut out the outside world and impulses is key for a successful swimmer not only during the trainings, but at a race, too. For starters, you can try training alone, opting for private swimming lessons in London and its area, so that you’ll get familiar with the swim techniques, the environment, and of course, work on your confidence. Then, if you think you’re ready to take the next step and you’ve practiced keeping a clear mindset, you can test yourself in public swimming pools and even during competitions.

Summary of “body & mind training”

We cannot stress enough how important it is to work with a trainer who has experience when it comes to practice and mental training as well. Working with people is always a challenge, because not everyone has the same learning style. Also, some of us are having confidence issues which need to be spotted by the coach. Once these mental blocks are identified, your swimming lessons will become more enjoyable and your progress will be more visible. Contact Adam from Going Swimmingly London if you’re looking for someone who will help you along the way!