Have you ever felt that you are not using your swimming pool as often as you intended? Have you ever thought about to rent out your pool for extra money? If you have busy days, no time to swim, and your pool is unused, why not make some extra money by renting it to someone? Going Swimmingly London is looking for a private pool for swimming classes. We can assure you that the courses are professional, and you will find your pool just as clean as before you rented it.

You will have several benefits to rent out your pool to a private swimming instructor:

  • It will be in use
  • You will earn money
  • You will support those who want to learn to swim by offering them the proper conditions
  • You can reduce the costs of pool maintenance, since you’ll get extra money for everything

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity, don’t hesitate to contact Adam, a qualified and experienced swimming teacher, to talk about the details. He’s been a private coach for years now and is looking to further expand his schedule and help more people who have fear of water or just want to start an active lifestyle. Swimming is a very good choice for this, since it has several health benefits and it can be learned at any age.


Why Should You Rent Your Pool?

Imagine that you are working together with a swimming business that has various clients. The more people are working with Adam, the more often he will need to use your pool. This means a higher income for you as well. It’s a great opportunity, since both parties will benefit from it.

Ideally, the private swimming classes with Going Swimmingly London take place at the students’ home, in their own pool or residential swimming pool. Thus, they won’t have to waste their time on the bus or in the car, getting to the public pools, which are often overcrowded, hence, dirtier. Learning to swim at home is even better if you’re interested in swimming lessons for babies or children. They will surely be more comfortable in a familiar environment, and the parents can assist them whenever they wish.

Adults or the elderly, taking swimming classes at home

When it comes to adults or the elderly, taking swimming classes at home also comes with various benefits, such as a more flexible schedule and of course, the comfort of one’s own home. Just imagine that after a long, hard day you get home and you still want to take swimming lessons. You would have to find a coach that can work with you in the late afternoon hours and wait for you until you arrive to the location. Isn’t it easier to just walk out the door and start the lessons in your own pool?

Of course, sometimes you don’t have the proper conditions needed to enjoy the benefits of the private lessons. Not everyone owns a pool, that is why the swimming teacher is looking for pool rentals. His mission is to help everyone learn to swim and in the same time, to secure the environment needed for the lessons. The first and most important aspect is finding a pool where he can take his students, and this is where the help of people with a pool will be appreciated financially.

What To Do Next?

If you’re one of the people who have a swimming pool and want to make some extra income, feel free to get in touch and let’s talk about the details! Moreover, if you own a pool and you are interested in the services that Going Swimmingly London can offer, now is a great time to hire Adam, a fully qualified private swimming teacher.