What is more important to parents than their child’s safety? According to World Health Organization, drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional death around the world. one of the risk factors is age, and a report shows that the highest drowning rates are among children between the age of 1-4. The next category is children aged 5-9. This is one of the reason swimming lessons for babies and children are very important.

The importance of baby swimming lessons, therefore, is unquestionable. In order to avoid dangerous situations, teaching a toddler or a child to swim is essential. Since every parent wants the best for their child, finding a qualified swimming instructor should be a priority.

Swimming Lessons for Babies and Children

But what aspects should you take into consideration when looking for the perfect coach?

  • First of all, patience is key. You should definitely collaborate with someone who knows how to teach children and how to motivate them. The aim of a private swimming lesson is for children to develop, gain self-esteem, but also have fun. If they don’t enjoy what they are doing, most probably they will not want to continue it.
  • Another important aspect is experience. An experienced swimming instructor knows what is best for the student. A great private coach is aware that every kid needs a different approach and every person learns at their own pace. Respecting this will lead to the development of trust between the coach and the student. Without interpersonal skills, it is hard to collaborate with anyone, especially with children.
  • You may ask, why a private swimming instructor? Why not a group class? There are several benefits of having a private coach. When it comes to toddlers or children, it is important to make them feel safe during the classes. Learning to swim in their own pool at home is the perfect environment for them, and it is an extremely convenient method of time management for the parents.

Summary of swimming lessons for babies and children

All in all, swimming lessons for babies, toddlers or children are a great choice for you. If you have your own pool, don’t hesitate to contact us for a collaboration. After all, the safety of our kids is more important than anything in the world.