With water births becoming increasingly popular and videos of infants floating about in a pool multiplying in your feed, you might be wondering when is the right time for children to start swimming? Maybe your kids haven’t been interested in any sports yet, or perhaps you just haven’t gotten around to signing them up for classes, or maybe you are just waiting for the right time to come. Either way, you now find yourself wondering whether your child could enjoy playing basketball when their teammates have been scoring hoops for years and they don’t yet know how to dribble? Luckily, whether it is about completing laps in a pool or kicking footballs in a goal, it is never too late for a child to start a new sport and enjoy it.

Here’s why it is never too late for a child to start a new sport

If your child has the motivation to start a new sport – then it is never too late. A hearty dose of enthusiasm can easily fend off any doubts and help them catch up on any accumulated delay.

Going into a sport at any age, be it kindergarten or high school, is a great way for them to develop their physical, mental and even social wellbeing.


Whilst you may think that it is only by starting early that one accumulates all the hours needed to build up the foundations of a balanced lifestyle, it is in fact never too late to start developing habits and skills to last a lifetime. Finding a sport that is both physically exerting and enjoyable is often what goes on to determine a child’s performance and success, and that isn’t necessarily the first sport your kid will try. It is striking this fine balance which should be a priority for both parents and their kids – no matter how long this may take.

Still, it is not always easy for a child to instinctively know what they do or do not like. After all, they are learning new things every day whilst being faced with a mountain of new experiences they have yet to try.

Now, the question of whether it is ever too late for a child to start a new sport takes on a different tone when talking about competitive sports. If your child is eyeing up their school’s basketball team, a university sports scholarship, or even an Olympic medal, it is often wiser to start the sport in the pre-teens.

How can a parent help their child succeed in starting a new sport?

It is not because your child was already throwing punches in the womb that they will necessarily grow up to become a boxing champion. Similarly, it is not because your child started a new sport later than the other kids on the team that they won’t have a successful and enjoyable experience.

The key to helping kids start a new sport and boost their chances of success is to choose the right sport for them.

Looking to start a new sport? Start with swimming.

Swimming is a perfect example of a sport which you are truly never too old to start. Being both accessible to all ages and athletic abilities, it also boasts a number of benefits which can help in your child’s development.

Why it is never too late for a child to start a new sport

•    improve endurance and strength

Swimming is great low-impact sport which works the muscles in the entire body and is therefore a great way for young kids to develop their coordination and strength as they grow.

Even if your kid has their eyes set on another sport but feel unsure about getting started, swimming is a great opportunity for them to work on their fitness and build up their strength to be ready for the start of the next season.

•    everyone can enjoy swimming

Anyone and everyone can enjoy swimming. All levels of physical aptitude are welcomed in the pool and you may even find classes which help initiate children with special needs to the benefits of swimming.

•    a fun activity

Swimming is much more than beating lap times and perfecting block starts, it is also a great opportunity for kids to immerse themselves in a completely new medium and have fun in the water.

•    a social sport

Swimming is not only a great sport to help build up endurance, it is also a great skill to have the next time your kid is invited to a pool party or you are booking your seummer holiday trip to the beach.

It is never too late for a child to start a new sport and enjoy it. Start a new sport today.

Booking a private sports lesson is a great way to help your child start a new sport. A private instructor teaches them the correct technique and skills necessary to set them on the right track for success. Private classes offer both a motivating and relaxing environment for kids to build up their confidence and improve at a pace which best suits them.

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