When temperatures and the rain start falling, one suddenly feels drawn back into their warm living rooms, leaving behind the sunny beaches and blue skies. Although winter may have started, sitting out the season on a couch does not have to be your go to defence mechanism against rain showers and chilly winds. Your nearby swimming pool can help you ride out the cold months and come out on the other end boasting a healthier lifestyle and ready to tackle the hotter weather. With numerous health and social benefits, there is no reason to fold your swimsuit away or cancel your kid’s swimming lessons just yet. Be it for adults, parents or children, here are 5 reasons why you should keep swimming in winter:

  • It’s cold and rainy outside

If opening the curtains up on grey skies and rainy pavements wasn’t tough enough, having to wrap yourself in layers upon layers certainly isn’t any more pleasant. Even though foggy mornings will scarcely remind you of the beach, there is a way to keep a hold of some of that summer heat with a trip to your local swimming pool and its warm indoor spaces.

Instead of freezing your hands running outside or walking around a playground, swimming is great way for you and your kids to enjoy both a sporty and fun activity, all the whilst keeping the cold at bay.

5 Reasons Why You Should Keep Swimming in Winter

  • Stay fit and active

It’s windy outside and the last thing you feel like doing is lacing up your trainers to go out for a run in the cold. After all, why freeze your ears off outside when you could just stay laying on the couch at home?

It is common for people to feel more lethargic in winter and opt out on a number of sports they were enjoying in the summer. If you are not a big fan of crowded gym spaces, the swimming pool is the perfect stop to help you keep fit during the winter. You can enjoy the warm water and swim your laps without worrying about losing out on those hard-earned jogging hours or catching a cold.

There’s more! Have a look at the various ways in which swimming can boost your physical and mental performance.

  • Get ready for summer

Summer spells out sunshine and swimming; be it at the pool, in a lake or by the sea, there is no excuse to keep neither kids or adults away from the water once those temperatures start rising.

It still remains that seasons are inevitable (especially in London) and that eventually the sunshine fades, the days shorten and suddenly you are wearing coats again. With half the year being spent huddled by the heater, it is easy to come out of practice and lose some of one’s confidence in swimming.

Every swimmer who once was a beginner will know that consistency is key to perfecting your strokes. As true for kids as it is for adults, swimming requires practice on a regular basis – no getting away with just a monthly visit here and there!

Heading to the pool during the winter months lets you and your kids keep practicing swimming techniques and be fully prepared for next summer’s heatwave. Keeping up with their swimming lessons during the winter will also boost kid’s confidence by helping them maintain and even improve their level.

  • Fun activity for the whole family

Parents often struggle to find activities to do with their children in the winter when picnics at the park are no longer an option on account of the soggy grass. Staying inside the whole day is however scarcely a viable alternative when kids start getting restless.

Swimming is a great way to tire out the kids and can be enjoyed by the entire family. Not only will it get them to bed on time, it also provides a good opportunity for them to learn a new skill which doesn’t revolve around a couch and a tablet.

  • You should keep swimming in winter to boost your immunity

Damp hair and cold air has scared more than one parent away when in reality, swimming boasts many health benefits even during the colder winter months. Aside from improving physical strength and endurance, winter swimming can help boost children’s immune system by keeping them active – just remember to cover up when going back outside.

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