From televisions and laptops, to smartphones and tablets, there are as many screens as there are reasons for kids to stay at home. How to motivate your kids to be more active is not easy for parents having to compete with the latest apps and tv shows. It still remains that physical activity and sports are a key part to a child’s healthy development and subsequent lifestyle.

The benefits of regular activity can be read about on a thousand different sites, but how does one motivate their kids to be more active and benefit from these?

6 Tips to Motivate Your Kids to Be More Active

Here are 5 tips to motivate your kids to be more active:


1. Sports are meant to be fun

Being active does not have to be boring. On the contrary, playing sports can be one of the most enjoyable activities for kids of all ages to partake in. Finding a sport or activity which is fun will help redefine the idea of exercise in your children’s head and encourage them to adopt healthy habits for the rest of their life. Playing football in the park is a lot more fun than doing chores at home – this should already be enough of an argument to motivate most kids to lace up their boots.

2. Chose an activity suited for them

Picking an activity which is suited for their age and interests is key to keeping kids motivated and engaged for extended periods of time. If they are particularly undecided, there are a number of key aspects to consider before signing them up for a new sport. Consider whether a particular activity is age appropriate, if they are better suited for group or individual sports or if they already have friends practicing a particular sport.

Swimming is a great example of a sport accessible to all ages and abilities. Helping to fortify kids’ strength, endurance, as well as mental health, swim practice is a wonderful activity to enjoy alone, with friends or with the whole family.

3. Plan weekly activities

Regularly scheduled activities are a great way of keeping your kids active. Setting a space of time in the week dedicated to physical activity not only makes things more convenient to organise but also helps when their motivation is in need of a boost.

4. Get the appropriate equipment to motivate your kids to be more active

If your child has rugby after school, make sure they have good kit to play in; if they have swimming practice, do not forget to get them some goggles. The right equipment will help them feel more comfortable and prepared for the activity they are partaking in.

Similarly, keeping a jump rope or ball around the house for quick pick up is also a great incentive to be more active at home without the need to get ready ahead of time.

5. Get involved as a parent to motivate your kids to be more active

Children are highly impressionable. If they can see their parents enjoying physical activity on a regular basis, then they will be more likely to share the same impression. Partaking in activities together, be it a hike on the beach or a swim in the sea, will also encourage them to be more active in their daily lives.

6. Sign your kids up to learn a new sport

The challenge of learning a new sport is a great motivation to encourage kids to be more physically active. Having to learn new skills and overcome hurdles adds an extra element of fun to an activity by allowing them to celebrate new achievements as they progress.

Summary of motivate your kids to be more active

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