Happy new year, swimming enthusiasts!

Another year has passed and certainly, you have accomplished some fascinating things in 2018. We at Going Swimmingly London definitely had a great year, getting to know and work with many swimming enthusiasts who have achieved some amazing results during our private swimming lesson sessions. Regardless of age and gender, swimming is something that can be learned any time. All you need is someone who is there for you and has faith in your abilities.


2019 will be another great year, bringing us new challenges. Our mission, however, did not change: helping people improve their swimming techniques and get rid of their fear of water.


For those whose goal in 2019 is to get fit, exercise, or learn something different, we have great news! Everything is possible if you are motivated. Going Swimmingly London will continue being at your service when it comes to private or residential swimming lessons, birthday pool parties or a personal instructor while on vacation. If you’ve been hesitant so far, now is a great time to seize the day and start something that you have always wanted to, but didn’t have the courage to do.


First of all, take a deep breath and think about the many benefits swimming can give you. If you are convinced that this is a great activity for you or your children, the next step is contacting a qualified swimming teacher who can help you reach your goals. Finally, after you’ve established the date of your first lesson, get a swimming equipment and enjoy every minute of this amazing activity!


May 2019 be a productive and successful year for everyone!