You will have heard it times and times again: regular exercise is crucial for children. Be it for their physical strength or personal growth, playing sports and staying active throughout the week is important for both their present and future health to help them keep up with their sports training during the holidays.

So, you have taken the advice and encouraged your child to join their school’s football team or have enrolled them into a nearby tennis club; but when the final bell rings to signal the start of the holidays, they are suddenly spending their days laying on the couch or watching TV. With their screen time accumulating and outdoor time falling, many parents have thought about and strategized about the different ways in which they could keep their kids active during the school break.

Sports training during the holidays

Whilst the holidays are a great time for kids to relax and spend time with their families, it doesn’t have to come at the cost of total inactivity. This time off from school can be an equally good opportunity for them to keep up with their sports training ahead of the new school year. Still, not all parents can be expected to know how to kick a rugby ball or have time to run behind it for hours a day. Luckily, with parents across the country facing a similar dilemma, there is more than one way to help your kids keep up with their sports training during the holidays.

How to help kids keep up with their sports training during the holidays

Step 1: plan ahead

As with most things, it is best to plan ahead to avoid the summer slump before it is in full force. Talking with your children about the sports training they would like to do or the type of activities they would enjoy doing is the quickest way to get ideas on how to incorporate them into their holidays, as well as helping to keep them motivated by involving them directly in the planification process.

Step 2: ask for advice

Getting in touch with your kid’s sports coach before the holidays start is also a great way to get some tips and advice from the person who knows your kid’s performance best and will be able to suggest specific areas to focus on during their training. If you are lucky, they might even be able to suggest a holiday course or summer camp they could join to help them keep up with their sports training during the holidays.

Step 3: schedule it out

The jump from a full school day to hours of free time during the holidays is a big one for every child to take. It can therefore be helpful to keep some of that structure during the break by scheduling activities throughout the week. This will help them find a better balance between time spent relaxing and doing activities, as well as encouraging them to build a routine.

Step 4: keep it fun

Encouraging your kids to stay active and keep up with their sports training should never feel like a burden. After all, playing a sport should be fun and a great opportunity to motivate them to achieve their personal goals.

Turning their sports training into a family activity is a great way for parents to spend time together and get active themselves after a long day at work. Alternatively, you can consider setting up a sport’s meet with their friends or find an existing one where they can play with children of their own age.

Why not sign them up to a Sports training during the holidays?

Whether the break is two weeks or two months long, it is always a good time to practice a technique or learn a new skill. A private sports class is therefore a great opportunity for your child to, not only keep up, but also improve on their sports training. Private sports coaches can share their valuable knowledge and tailor their lessons to your kid’s specific needs and interests to make sure that they are getting the most out of every training session.

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