Football gear on and shoes securely tied up, even the shy London sun is shining bright on what seems to be a promising afternoon packed with all sorts of sports activities. Just a quick call later and Lev is heading out to his local park for a fitness and kickboxing training session with his personal trainer, Adam. Fresh out of the winter months filled with regular swimming lessons, the budding trees and freshly grown grass call for a training switch up. Whether school is out for the weekend or the holidays, even the weather is no longer an excuse not to go outside for some exercise.

Lev's Workout Fitness and Kickboxing Training

Lev’s fitness and kickboxing training: warm up

Starting things off with a quick warm up jog on the green is a quick way to get one’s heart pumping and ready for the two hours of hard work to come. The session begins with some fitness training made up of timed intervals of body weight exercises and fast-paced rope jumping. Squats, burpees, push ups, lunges and leg-raises, no body part is spared a burn. No gym or heavy machines needed here to start working up a sweat, the right instructor and an effective exercise combination are enough to trump even the most sophisticated sets of equipment. Even more so when one compares London’s blossoming greens to the sweaty and crowded gym halls in and around South West London.

A handful of minutes of high intensity circuit training is fundamental to any great workout and is perfectly adjustable to any fitness level. Rotating between intervals of body weight training not only helps strengthen the arms, legs and abs, they also provide a strenuous cardio workout to boost one’s stamina. The length of each set can be adjusted to keep yourself challenged, remaining flexible both to one’s initial ability and speed of progress.

Punching and kicking training

Now all nicely warmed up, it is time to suit up with some padded gloves for some fitness and kickboxing training. Attention is first given to easing oneself into the training with some straightforward hits to gradually get into the flow and establish a stable balance. As each blow grows more confident and precise, it is time to follow up with some more complex combinations, exchanging a series of controlled jabs and uppercuts. This is where a personal trainer can really intervene to ensure that each technique is well-executed by providing a continuous feedback loop for the student to refer back to. It is precisely this one-to-one exchange which can help kids feel more confident in their performance and help them build up strong foundations.

As each sport has its own features, everyone learns differently; this is where Adam’s expertise can help identify the most efficient way of teaching these to his students. Both coordination and focus come increasingly more into play as the kickboxing training progresses and starts to incorporate kicks to the hip, as well as some swift dodging. Adam remains alert, demonstrating the correct form and rectifying small missteps, even taking in some hits himself – all in the name of great teaching.

Lev's Workout Fitness and Kickboxing Training review

Having let off some steam and tired out both arms and shoulders, now comes the opportunity to practice footwork with some football dribbles and passes. Racing around cones and passing the ball back and forth are great ways to improve on one’s technique out on the field, as well as giving the opportunity to incorporate some variety and fun into the general fitness training.

Eventually, flushed faces signal the nearing end of the training session, right on time for a quick cool down. It scarcely matters whether you have been throwing punches at your opponent or scoring goals, a thorough stretch is crucial to prevent muscle soreness and ensure that you are ready to tackle your next session.

The training is a success: “totally exhausted” and a big smile are the reward of an afternoon of dedication and hard work – until next time.

Summary of Lev’s fitness and kickboxing training

You may watch Lev’s workout to follow along his fitness and kickboxing training with Adam from Going Swimmingly London.

If you too wish to boost your stamina for an upcoming cross-country run, improve your technique for your next football game, or simply work on your strength; simply get in touch with Adam via Going Swimmingly London to book your very own private lesson. Be it swimmingkickboxing or any other of your favourite sports, no schedule conflicts or lengthy commute ever have to stand in the way of an afternoon packed full of action and fun.