Gym’s may temporarily close, pandemics may suddenly make them inaccessible or else you are just looking for a way to escape all those daunting machines; either way, these are the best gym alternatives in London to help you get away from all the sweat and monotony. Even through months-long renovations or strict social distancing measures, these sports will help you stay fit no matter where you may find yourself.

The best gym alternatives:

Jump in the pool for some swimming

Who would not want to switch a sweaty gym floor for a relaxing swim across the neighbouring pool? No daunting machines to figure out, or restless queues waiting for the next set of weights to free up; it is just you, the clear water and a full-body workout customised to your own pace. Forget all about the risk of skipping leg day, swimming is set on training every principal muscle group, from the legs up to the core and back, all the way to the arms.

Swimming also offers a versatility of training unique to the sport and rarely found in any gym. It incorporates an unmatched combination of strength and cardio exercise through low-impact resistance training. Indeed, the naturally density of water is not only essential to one’s survival, it is also the ideal means to packing in your daily workout with minimal risk of injury.

Whether you are working to improve your technique or training to reach a target goal, any ambition deserves the attention of a knowledgeable and dedicated instructor to ensure that you are getting the most out of your training. Private swimming lessons are the ideal way to gain confidence in the water and improve your abilities, no matter your age or skill level.

Sports in London The Best Gym Alternatives

The best gym alternatives: Practice your favourite sports

Nearby gyms shut, go under renovation for months on end or even close indefinitely when needs require it. What never ceases to be accessible, however, are all those lovely parks scattered throughout South West London – as ideal for picnics and afternoon strolls as for working up a sweat.

As much greenery as London may offer, it has just as many overpriced gyms to compensate for, and that it without the traffic jams to get over before reaching them. Luckily, there is no need for them when it comes to staying active, especially for kids. Your neighbourhood park is already ideal for runs, bicycle rides and self-led body-weight exercise before or after work; but when it comes to keeping your children motivated and on their feet, nothing ever beats their favourite sports activities.

From football passes to rugby throws, every stretch of grass is good for an afternoon of exercise and fun. Whether your child is hoping to get serious about a sport with some extra out-of-school practice or simply wants to further improve on their technique during weekends, private sports activities are an excellent way to transform your neighbourhood South West London green into their favourite training spot. No long car rides or restless search for parking, only a skilled and motivating instructor at the full disposable of your child’s needs and priorities.

Get your jab on with some boxing and kickboxing

Going for a run around the neighbourhood block or playing a game of football may sound like a nice gym alternative when the sun is shining bright and skies are blue, but unfortunately this is not always a given, especially in London. Although they do make indoor gyms’ greatest customers, soggy fields and misty mornings are certainly not the ideal training ground.

Thankfully, sports like boxing and kickboxing are a great way to avoid bulky machines or complex equipment with just a pair of gloves and a motivated partner. From sharpening your reflexes, to boosting both your strength and agility, boxing-type sports require little else than some flat ground to kick your heart rate up.

If you struggle to find a partner willing to endure a couple of bruises for you to improve your left-hand jab, a private boxing instructor is the perfect training guide to teaching you the correct technique and how to avoid those bruises yourself. Private boxing lessons and kickboxing lessons can be organised on your own terms and wherever suits you best to fit those previous hours of sports into your week, no matter how busy your schedule might be. Ultimately, you can relocate your training outside as soon as that reluctant London sunshine does come out, something which cannot be so easily said about your gym’s elliptical machine.

Summary of Sports in London: the best gym alternatives

Get in touch with Adam from Going Swimmingly London to make the most out of these gym alternatives by booking your very own private lesson near South West London. No closing of gyms should ever get in the way of your sports training, especially since your next personalised training could be just a message away.