Sports are an essential part to any child’s development. One can go on about the benefits of sports like swimming, but when it comes to the best way to practice a sport, many parents may wonder if and how their or your child should take private sports lessons and how could they benefit from them.

For any child hoping to learn a new sport, build their confidence or train at a competitive level, it is never too early for them to sign up and enjoy these 5 benefits of private sports lessons.

Your child should take private sports lessons for the following reasons:

  1. The right environment for learning

Just like every sport differs from one another, every child is different in the way they learn and acquire new skills. As a parent, one is easily carried away by the enthusiasm of signing up your kid to the neighbouring tennis club, just to end up equally puzzled by their dislike of the sport or even total disconnect from it.

Whilst many children feel motivated by the thrill of group classes, just as many can feel distracted or uncomfortable in such an environment. A private sports lesson takes them away from the chatter and pressure to place them into a productive and fun environment dedicated to their progress and development.

  1. Personalised teaching and training

Not everyone will be able score a basketball hoop just by having someone tell them how to or strike a baseball after watching a demonstration of it. In the same way that academic learning branches out into various methods and habits, the best way to learn a sport can be just as dividing from child to child. It does not mean that they are not capable of succeeding like any other.

A private instructor can adjust how much hands-on or theoretical training they deliver depending on a child’s response to their teaching. This is certainly invaluable during the early stages of skill building to encourage a child to establish strong foundations in a sport, as well as later on to help them develop their confidence.

5 Reasons Why your Child Should Take Private Sports Lessons

  1. Your child should take private sports lessons to Become a better team player

Team coaches are great in keeping an overview of a team’s general performance by helping players come together as a whole, but a private sports coach has the eye for detail. Where team coaches are forced to divide their time and attention over the number of children assigned to them, private instructors are able to dedicate their full expertise on the individual strengths of a child.

Such one-to-one training is most often undermined in team sports where private lessons can come in to strengthen the basic principles of the sport and fill in any gaps in their skillset. Whether a child is struggling with his football dribble or rugby throw, private lessons may be just the handful of hours needed for them to get to grips with a particular technique. Not only does it help improve their individual ability, it will also make them a better team player by building their confidence on any pitch or court.

  1. Achieving their goals

If your child is serious about pursuing sports, perhaps even outside of their school, there is no replacement to a direct player-coach relationship. Although this holds just as firmly for kids of any level and age, it becomes particularly crucial if your child is hoping to progress fast or reach a competitive level.

Practice may be the most important factor in improving a skill, but practicing the correct technique certainly is even more. Having a private instructor by your child’s side lets them know when they could be improving on their approach and keeps them motivated throughout their training. This immediate feedback loop helps correct mistakes before they even have the time to appear and consolidate a child’s strengths to keep them on track towards achieving their goals, be it learning how to keep their head out of the water or competing in a swim race.

  1. Flexible training schedule

Picking up your child from school, bringing them to the sports club for their group lesson, before picking them back up right as the sun sets just to realise that you still haven’t had the chance to go grocery shopping. Time is precious, more so than ever when one lives near one of the largest cities in the world. Although one can scarcely avoid the London traffic completely, it is possible to save both yourself and your child some trouble by running their sports lessons on your own schedule. Instead of blocking out your timetable with set time commitments, private lessons can be arranged wherever and whenever works best for your child.

Summary of “your child should take private sports lessons”

Going Swimmingly London is dedicated to putting their clients first, whether they want to take private swimming lessons, book an afternoon of sports activities or loosen up their shoulders in a boxing class.

A private sports lesson is all about your child’s progress and enjoyment. If one sport isn’t your child’s favourite, another certainly will be. With private classes they can jump out of the pool and head to their football training without ever needing to switch instructors. This is precisely what Adam from Going Swimmingly London is dedicated to offering by sharing and applying his expertise and patience to swim training and other sports alike.