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One-to-one coaching can be an invaluable part to a child’s performance and progress in a particular sport. Such tailored teaching can be essential to fuelling a kid’s passion for swimming, just as it can be the key to them overcoming their anxiety before their school’s next football game. The motivation or demand might be there, but the question arises as to when should you hire a private sports coach for your kid?

No age is the right age, but here are a few tell-tale signs that your child might be ready for their first private sports lesson.

They are showing potential

Not everyone is born an athlete, but those who seem to show clear talent should be able to take advantage it whenever possible. If the school’s sports coaches keep commending your child’s potential at every parents’ evening, it might very well be worth addressing their motivation for a particular sport. School team matches are a great weekend activity for children to play at and parents to watch, but when it comes to playing a sport competitively in a broader sense, that training will only bring them so far.

Hiring a private sports coach is a great way to offer your child a training regimen which will reflect their ambitions and dedication. If your child is serious about improving their skills, there is no more efficient way for them to achieve their goals than with a couple of hours a week of private sports lessons. One-to-one teaching can be invaluable part of an athlete’s development and scaling of higher performance levels, providing the perfect stage for them to pursue their aspirations.

Even so, neither the Olympics nor the World Cup have to be the end goal for a child to want to take their sports training more seriously. Private sports coaches are simply here to offer all the necessary tools that kids may need to improve their skill set. This form of private tutoring also removes any worries of commitment, as may otherwise occur if one were to sign up to a professional sports club, and instead lets them explore different styles of coaching.

When should you hire a private sports coach for your kid

They cannot get rid of their pre-game anxiety

Your child might be spending hours in your back garden kicking a ball around but as soon as a game comes up, they immediately start to get anxious and stressed. Getting nervous before a match is entirely natural, even if it is just a friendly exchange; as is feeling a bit jittery during your first few practices. If such nerves do however return for every coaching session, it might be worth addressing these to ensure that your child’s passion for a sport is not wasted on some pre-game butterflies.

Signing you child up with a private sports coach is an effective way of tackling these worries by identifying their source and subsequently working on eliminating them. Whether a child feels uneasy playing a sport in front of their teammates or insecure when performing under stress, helping them improve on their skills and abilities will inevitably boost their confidence. A private sports instructor is highly qualified to address these areas in a personalised way and a stress-free environment.

When should you hire a private sports coach for your kids: When they are eager to learn a new sport

Learning a new sport is no easy feat, but it certainly helps having a knowledgeable instructor by your side to guide you through every step of the way. Your child wants to learn how to swim for their upcoming summer holidays at the beach but you yourself as a parent barely manage to keep your head out of the water. Luckily, there is no need to have Michael Phelps as one’s father to learn how to swim properly.

Just like with any sport, establishing a strong foundation is key to future progress, and what better way to ensure that one’s breaststroke will get them to the other side of the pool than with a private tutor by their side. Instead of letting your kid’s enthusiasm to learn a new sport simply fade away, you may seize it as soon as it appears by hiring a private sports coach like Adam from Going Swimmingly London.

Even though there may always be something to do around South West London, there is also always a sport you may not have thought about trying out. Private sports activities offer the ideal playing field for any child to learn a new sport, be it rugby or swimming.

They have trouble finding quality partners

As a parent, there may come a time when your own skill level, teaching ability or even just availability no longer suffices to keep up with your child’s ambitions. Although one may get away with such a dilemma with team sports where a school playground is enough to satisfy eager football players; it can be much more challenging when it comes to individual sports.

Having the right partner in front of them not only to play the sport with, but also to teach them and motivate them, is essential to a child’s progress. Not only are they available at any time for a tennis match or ping pong game, private coaches are also there to train children in more or less conventional sports, albeit always on the schedule of their clients.

Boxing may be a thrill to watch on tv, but if your child asks you to pose as their makeshift punching bag for them to practice their left jab on, the sport will suddenly appear much more grim. Private boxing lessons will keep kids – and their parents – safe from harm by teaching them the correct technique and practices in a stimulating environment.

Summary of when should you hire a private sports coach for your kid?

Ultimately, the right time for a parent to hire a private sports coach for their kid will come at different times for everyone. It is, however, never too early to help your child pursue their ambitions and accomplish their goals.